First and foremost, this book is about marketing in the most general sense of the word. More precisely, we hope to convey our points of view on two key aspects of modern marketing - the general state of marketing and its current development in connection with the rapid advancement of information technologies in general, and the Internet in particular; and how it is possible to not only survive, but also thrive in vari-
ous market sectors, e.g. niche markets, while facing todayís fierce competition.

To answer these questions, we proposed a com­pre­hen­sive marketing me­tho­do­logy developed in close col­la­bo­ra­tion with Global Ad­ver­ti­sing Strategies.
This methodology is based on the precise analysis of the qualitative, and, more importantly, quantitative factors of the current marketing environment, and applied to several important practical use cases.

This book is addressed to a wide range of readers interested in the problems and challenges of marketing. It contains quite a few mathematical formulas; however, donít be scared, even
if you are not a math expert. Even if you have an aversion to math, donít put the book aside. Weíve tried to make all logical reasoning and mathematical calculations as simple as possible - and understandable to everyone. We also wrote in such a way that the reader can skip the formulas without harming their understanding of the general content.

Aside from formulas, we employ a wide range of the concepts and principles in quantum-economic analysis, as well as some traditional marketing terminology. For the convenience of those readers who are unfamiliar with any of these terms, we have placed two appendices containing comprehensive explanations at the end of the book. We have provided references to the corresponding sections of the appendices wherever these terms are used.

Essentially, reading and understanding the general propositions of this book does not require any special training in the fields of marketing, information technologies, or mathematics. We invite everyone who is interested in modern marketing to read this book, including both theoretical and practical marketing professionals, managers, mathematical modeling and quantitative-analysis specialists, as well as teachers and students of marketing, economics and econometrics, business administration (MBA), mathematics and its applications, and the natural sciences.

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